Below are a selection of the reviews from people who have come to Kushi Holistic retreat and availed of our courses and services

Leita Carey… one of life’s earth angels.

Leita Carey from Kushi Holistic Learning Centre, Coolaknick, is for me, one of life’s earth angels.
At Kushi, Leita combines her Spiritual Counselling experience, with her spiritual gift of Reiki healing, which in mind is a winning combination. I have been attending Leita’s healing centre and completed my Reiki training with her for over 10 years and she has literally transformed my life.

My daughter has also been attending Leita for quite some time and to be honest, I can safely say the Leita has literally saved her life. Leita provides you with the tools and insight into how to cope with challenging circumstances, how to delve deeply into what lessons you are being shown, how to work towards healing yourself, due to her robust experience in the area of healing on every level.

If you find yourself struggling with the challenges and situations that life can throw at you, then look no further than Kushi Holistic Learning Centre. Leita’s energy is very light and this reflects strongly during your healings with her. Her main aim is to help people and bring peace to her clients and she will work tirelessly to ensure that you become the best version of yourself.

Leita has an innate ability to bring the underlying issues to the forefront, without you even realising it. When you visit her centre, you immediately feel a wave of calmness and feel fully safe in her presence. Her deep connection to the spirit world enhances her healing ability and after your session, you feel centred, light and at peace.

I cannot recommend Kushi and Leita highly enough and would recommend anyone whom is on a spiritual journey and seeking an alternative to conventional medicine, to contact Leita immediately. I promise you; she will change your life for the better and you will never look back.

Wishing you every deserved and continued success Leita

Gemma Hayes and Robyn Hayes

Leita is a one of a kind, intuitive Counselor and Healer

Over the years I have valued all the support , healing and learning I have gained from Leita and Simone at Kushi, Leita is a one of a kind intuitive Counselor and Healer and has helped me through personal crises , health issues , helped me so much in my spiritual development, and has been a supportive teacher.
I have attended several workshops at Kushi , particularly memorable was the magical Celtic Mysteries weekend , there is always a warm welcome, and it’s a pleasure to just be in the beautiful healing space that Leita and Simone have created.


I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Leita

I was guided to Leita following a breakup and major life changing period of my life in 2013. It was my first experience of Reiki, and energy healing. I had no idea what to expect. I came away from my first session feeling lighter, brighter and my mind was quieter. After sessions with Leita, I always felt calmer, with my hope in my heart and clarity of the next steps to take.
Little did I know that my path as a healer, energy worker was unfolding from the moment I walked through the door. Reiki was a life saver for me. I felt drawn learn it for myself and others. I was delighted that Leita would be my teacher. Over the next few years completing Reiki 1, 2 and master with Leita, all wonderful experiences which lead me in many new directions.

I feel extremely blessed to have crossed paths with Leita.  She is an amazing lady and teacher. I have recommended her to many over the years who would say the same. Leita and Simone have created a beautiful healing space at Kushi.

If you’re going through something tough and need a little help and guidance, I would have no hesitation in recommending Leita.

Your feelings and thoughts are always validated when you are in Leita’s presence

It’s my pleasure to write a testimonial as this is one that I feel very proud to be writing :   I came to know Leita at a very confusing time in my life . Nothing made sense,  I felt  like I was going crazy  and my anxiety levels prevented me from leading a normal life . In the first 10 minutes we spoke I felt a calmness spreading through me like I never felt before . Leita is a source of light that understands what others can’t . Your feelings and thoughts are always validated when you are in her presence and for the time you spend with her you feel like the world is stopping and letting you breathe a little easier .   Leita helped me understand what I am going through , helped me to put some order in a very chaotic episode in my life and control my anxiety to the point it doesn’t take over my life  for all of  that and more I will be eternally grateful .    All my love.


5 Stars and a bottle of rum!

Been to Leita many times over the years, she is partial to maltesers just so you know and its out there so you can bring her some.I always bring a friend with me who may be in a bad place in their lives and they always leave in a better place of clarity and energy.

Some people are just meant to do this type of work and Leita and Simone are those people. I have grown very fond of both of them over the years. Like in Elder times we needed these sages and healers in our lives and now is no different.

I dont promise people things, but I promise you they are both the real deal. Aye

Stephen Galvin

I wholeheartedly recommend Leita to anyone seeking genuine spiritual healing.

I had an incredibly profound experience with Leita at Kushi Holistic Learning Centre today.

Her spiritual therapy and healing were nothing short of amazing. Leita tapped into a comforting and warm energy, connecting me with my loved ones on the other side. The signs they sent in the room were special and heartwarming.

Leita’s brilliant healing power worked wonders; a persistent neck creak that haunted me for five years vanished.

I left feeling remarkably lighter. I wholeheartedly recommend Leita to anyone seeking genuine spiritual healing.

Jennifer Lynch


When you book a course with the Kushi Holistic Learning Centre you will be working with Simone and Leita . Click here to discover a little more about their backgrounds and what makes them both excellent Holistic Healing facilitators and practitioners.

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