The Rise of Global Wellness Retreats:

A Global wellness retreat is a place where you can focus in on spiritual and personal development.

It is a place where you can find solace from the everyday stresses of the outside world. A place where you can recharge your batteries and focus in on  your spiritual, emotional  and mental well being.

So what comprehensive wellness offerings do we offer at our holistic retreat.

At Kushi we create a calming environment and schedule classes based on the requirements of our guests. We base our classes on the concepts of universal, holistic practices that calm and replenish the mind, body, and spirit.

At the Kushi Holistic Learning Center we have gained our skills and experience by studying and learning from the indigenous practices and rituals of the peoples of  Peru, Brazil, Nepal, Europe, and the USA.

We continue to augment this knowledge as we travel and discover additional experiences and wisdom from these peoples. We bring this back with us to the Kushi Holistic Learning Center  ensuring our guests are provided with the highest quality care and learning.

The Popularity of Holistic retreats

Wellness retreats have grown in popularity in recent times. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • Post Covid Factors. More people are looking to address their mental  health after the devastation that the pandemic caused in terms of restrictions and isolation. Being so cut way from nature and other people during lock downs placed a great strain on mind health, particularly when one of the most naturalistic ways of fighting depression is to have contact with other people and to be out in the open in nature.The data would seem to support these findings. After a large drop in attendance at Wellness retreats in  2020, the market is projected to increase to $1.3 trillion by 2025​ (Global Wellness Institute)​.
    This data can be found in the Global Wellness Institute’s report on the Global Wellness economy
  • In the 21st century there is  much greater focus in on mental health well being. Again the data would appear to back this up. In 2022 the wellness industry was worth a staggering $5.6 trillion. (Global Wellness Institute). This is 14% higher than in 2019 and marks the consumers practical resolve to looking after their mental health.
  • Looking for real experiences. Modern day travelers, look for spiritual experiences when on their travels, valuing these more highly than physical or material possessions. This change in thinking is pushing many more people into looking at the offerings wellness retreats provide where there is an abundance of empowering focus on spiritual health well being. (Truly Experiences)​.
  • Changes in Demographics: As the world population ages there is a greater awareness of the benefits of a healthier approach to lifestyle encompassing physical as well as mental and spiritual improvements . What is driving this is the increased size of the middle class internationally and ageing populations. These two demographics have the vision and the budgets to invest more in their health to create a more healthy holistic approach to their lives.

Kushi: A Sanctuary of Wellness in Ireland:

At Kushi we see visitors coming to us that reflect many of the characteristics described above. Our visitors are looking for more human experiences and interactions after many months locked away during the Covid19 lock downs.

Also its a great place to meet like minded people who are on a similar journey.

Our guest also feel as though they can switch off from the 24 hour, always on lifestyle. They are able to spend time away from their gadgets and time pressures out in the open in our wellness retreat in the beautiful County Wexford countryside!

The Three Pillars of Wellness at Kushi: A Mind, Body and Spirit Sanctuary:

At Kushi Wellness Centre  we have designed our courses and meditation days to align the mind, body, and spirit in the lush landscapes of Ireland.

How does this alignment work?


  • We provide guided meditation and mindfulness sessions to sharpen mental clarity and enhance emotional stability.
  • We offer one to one healing and stress management sessions to help with life’s challenges.

mind soul body


  • We include diverse yoga and Pilates classes to improve physical fitness and flexibility.


  • We facilitate spiritual growth through guided spiritual practices, such as Reiki and energy healing.
  • We offer workshops on spiritual traditions and philosophies from various cultures to broaden spiritual understanding.
  • We provide a sacred space for personal reflection and spiritual rituals to nurture inner peace.
  • We encourage community gatherings and support circles to foster a sense of belonging and spiritual community.body and soul

For example the art of meditation alone can help us access a calm mind, free of the worries that obstacles such as jealousy, frustration, and doubt create.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and worry, improve focus, promote peace of mind, and help induce creativity as well as improving relationships. It allows us to connect to the universal energy which surrounds us, and frees our minds of the frustration and doubt placed there by the negative energies we’re unable to extinguish from our lives.

On the Meditation day at our Wellness Retreat, we provide the environment and knowledge you need in order to reach a state of deep relaxation, encouraging both physical and mental well-being that will help to improve overall health.

We teach you how to calm your mind, put to rest your worries, and reach a state of happiness that can only be achieved through deep concentration. By spending this day with us, you’ll learn the really important life skill of knowing how to mediate on your own.

You’ll be able to tap into this skill whenever you feel life is getting too much for you.

Regular mediation can also help improve sleep, memory, and increase self-esteem while reducing the trauma in your overall life.

Our Meditation Day does not have a set cost, but donations are greatly appreciated.

For more information and to book yourself a place on the Day please click here.

Universal Healing Atmospheres at Kushi:

A healing retreat should facilitate an environment where the human soul and spirit is replenished through sound, sight and smell

You should be surrounded with natural colors,light and soothing sounds.

We have plenty of this on offer at Kushi which is located, deep in the heart of the beautiful Irish countryside, surrounded by a rich blanket of nature, the wide open spaces that Ireland is famed for.

Our visitors can either find connection with others, or solitude if they so choose by communing easily with the natural world around them.

Seeking peace and solace can also be found inside our Center. Take a look at the video below of our Healing Room where our guests can sit and contemplate in silence.

For more please visit our home page here or call us on 0868339337

One to one healing

If your spiritual journey require a little more guidance we also offer one to one healing.

We provide tailored healing sessions where we personalise each healing to our guest’s unique circumstance. Each healing session will address the specific physical, emotional, and spiritual needs for our visitor.

The session is taken by Leita Carey. Read more about Leita here and her skills and experience.

What others say about Kushi

A number of visitors have come through Kushi over the years and below a few of them share their experiences with us.

Leita is a one of a kind, intuitive Counselor and Healer

Over the years I have valued all the support , healing and learning I have gained from Leita and Simone at Kushi, Leita is a one of a kind intuitive Counselor and Healer and has helped me through personal crises , health issues , helped me so much in my spiritual development, and has been a supportive teacher.
I have attended several workshops at Kushi , particularly memorable was the magical Celtic Mysteries weekend , there is always a warm welcome, and it’s a pleasure to just be in the beautiful healing space that Leita and Simone have created.

5 Stars and a bottle of rum!

Been to Leita many times over the years, she is partial to maltesers just so you know and its out there so you can bring her some.I always bring a friend with me who may be in a bad place in their lives and they always leave in a better place of clarity and energy.Some people are just meant to do this type of work and Leita and Simone are those people. I have grown very fond of both of them over the years. Like in Elder times we needed these sages and healers in our lives and now is no different.I dont promise people things, but I promise you they are both the real deal. Aye

For these and other reviews please check our reviews page.


A holistic retreat focuses on an individual’s  spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Advantages to a stay in a retreat include reduced stress, enhanced mental clarity, improved physical fitness, and spiritual development through practices like meditation, yoga, and energy healing.

After the Covid pandemic there has been  an increased focus on mental health, personal wellness, and the need for spiritual experiences. The wellness industry is rapidly growing, with more people seeking holistic approaches to health.

Kushi offers guided meditation, mindfulness sessions, yoga sessions at our Yurt tent which can be hired for such purposes, spiritual practices like Reiki, and workshops on diverse spiritual traditions. These activities aim to align the mind, body, and spirit.

Kushi incorporates knowledge from indigenous practices in Peru, Brazil, Nepal, Europe, and the USA, ensuring guests receive high-quality care and learning based on universal, holistic principles.

Yes, Kushi offers one-on-one healing sessions tailored to individual needs. These sessions address specific physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns, providing personalized guidance and healing.

Kushi is located in the tranquil Irish countryside, offering a serene setting with natural colors, light, and soothing sounds. The retreat provides spaces for both social interaction and solitude, promoting peace and relaxation.