Atain a higher level of Reiki Wisdom

After completing the Reiki 1 course, you’ll obtain the necessary skills to improve your attunement to both your own energy and the energies surrounding you. This new knowledge will guide you in the Reiki 2 course, where we’ll focus on the etheric body rather than the physical.

Through practicing Reiki energy healing exercises and meditation by observing demonstrations, you’ll anchor higher healing energies and how to channel a greater amount of life force, developing enhanced sensitivity to energy and psychic awareness.

Among the greater aspects of Reiki healing, you’ll learn how Reiki can help you to:

Perform a Spiritual Clearance.
Assess how past lives affect present healing.
Protect yourself through spiritual and psychic energy.
Use symbols in Reiki healing.
Gain higher energy vibrations/levels that increase health and happiness.
Relieve stress and tension easily through Reiki.
Clear your mind and improve focus.
Induce better sleep and lower blood pressure.
Enhance your spirituality.

As an addition to completing this course, you’ll also receive a Tera-Mai Reiki Two manual and Reiki Two Certificate, entitling you to professionally practice Reiki as a level two healer.

Reiki 2 includes overnight accommodation with all meals included.

“Finding your spiritual path is a process – and the process itself is part of the spiritual path.”

Deb Lloyd
reiki energy healing