Celtic Mysteries

Celtic Mysteries

Indulgence for body and mind

The Celts are an ancient and enigmatic folk, shrouded in the mysteries of mythology and their uses of Earth magic. Part of these mysteries was the ability to read omens and signs in the natural world, as many other indigenous peoples of the world once (and still) practiced.

Unfortunately through time, the majority of us have forgotten how to read these omens the Earth sends. We’re now conditioned to rely instead on technology and man-made devices. This is why Kushi has created a two day course built specifically for tapping into the innate skills of practical Earth magic, rituals, and reflection.

Included in the course, you’ll be taught the ancient secrets and history of the Magician, how to make a personalized Talisman, how to create your own sacred space, learn the art of divination, and be invited to participate in an Earth Magic Ritual with others (optional).

“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”.