“The archetype is the introspectively recognizable form of a priori psychic orderedness.” – Carl Jung

The above quote defines archetypes. An archetype is a created model of a person, behavior, or personality. Jung believed the psyche was composed of the ego, personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious.

The ego or “self” in Jungian psychology signifies the collaboration of consciousness and unconsciousness in a person. The personal unconscious is anything that isn’t presently conscious in one’s mind but can potentially be, such as instances that have happened in the past but are not currently being remembered/recognized. The collective unconscious can be associated with instincts and psychological inheritance  – knowledge that we’ve obtained not by personal experience but rather the experience of all humanity embedded within us.

Our “Archetypes” course takes you through the many different aspects of the unconscious self, bringing what was once unconscious into consciousness and enabling you to make changes and choices based on this new found information.

By accessing the unconscious mind, we begin to understand ourselves more thoroughly, recognizing pains from the past we may be holding onto or the joys that keep us moving forward. We can lift our own spirits by recognizing patterns in our behavior and either ridding ourselves of the negative ones or enforcing new ones. By better understanding ourselves; our past; our unconscious minds, we can better understand where we’re going and how we can improve ourselves in order to reach a higher state of enlightenment.